Painting the World with a Camera. Seeing the Unseen

Alex Deiser’s style of photographs depicts an attempt to reconnect with the surroundings in which he sees reflections of life. This artist challenges viewers to look at the photography through his creative eyes and asks his audience to let their imaginations flow. The photography challenges the unseen to emerge. Look at one of the pieces and you’ll look beyond the obvious- a steel door, flowers, a tree stump, a bridge to see the unseen. Each of his images have a story to tell, have been blessed by mother nature’s impact and, now, emerge in a captive, creative collection perfect for hospitality design, office buildings and interior design projects.

The Alex Deiser Collection is a fine art limited edition image gallery, curated for the interior design market and private Collectors. We can help source artwork for anything from a boutique residential project to a large-scale hospitality project involving hundreds of pieces.

My art is a fusion between painting and photography, which I call “Painting with a Camera”

"Bird Of Paradise" Limited Edition Canvas Print 38 x 48
"Pointing The Way" Limited Edition Metal 72 x 40
"The Eyes Have It" Limited Edition Canvas Print 38 x 48
Artists Inside

What means     Seeing the Unseen?

Alex’s unique photographic style endeavors to connect the viewer with everyday surroundings and objects through a new perspective. Seeing the Unseen challenges to broaden one’s senses to elevate and appreciate the artistry of life.

Captured through the camera lens, Alex’s creative eye allows the viewer’s imagination to flow and see in a whole new light a steel door, a pool of flowers, a tree stump, a bridge, a hole in the wall and much more which he then presents to the world in his limited-edition prints. Each of his images has a story to tell and is touched by the effects that only time and nature can instill.

Only 25 limited edition pieces of each image are available in various mediums.

"Sea Of Light" Limited Edition Metal 72 x40
Seeing the Unseen

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"Golden Dragon" Limited Edition Canvas Print 38 x 48
"Two Kisses" Limited Edition Canvas Print 72 x40