Seeing the Unseen while painting the world with a camera.

Alex Deiser’s Creative Images depicts a re-connection with the surroundings in which he sees reflections of life; the artist challenges the viewers to look at the images which he paints with his camera through his creative eyes and ask his audience to let imagination flow.

The Alex Deiser Collection are a fine art creative image gallery curated for the interior design market and private Collectors. We can help you source artwork for anything from a boutique residential project to a large-scale hospitality project involving hundreds of pieces.

"Bird Of Paradise" Canvas 38 x 48
"Pointing The Way" Metal 72 x 40
"The Eyes Have It" Canvas 38 x 48
Artists Inside

We are all adventurer traveling on the highway of life.

My goal is to challenge our preconceived ideas about life and offer a thought provoking new way of looking through the veil of reality.
I’ve captured this journey into transforming one’s perception through the camera lens, a process I call “Painting With A Camera”.
I hope you will find the images on this site to be both stimulating and provoking, so that you too can open your eyes to new awareness of the world and people around you. Join me on my journey to discover the "Seen in the Unseen” while I am painting the world with my camera.

"Sea Of Light" Metal 72 x40
Seeing The Unseen

Join me on my Journey

"Golden Dragon" Canvas 38 x 48
"Two Kisses" Canvas 72 x40